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CfA Colloquia

CfA Colloquia offer an opportunity for scientists, engineers, and staff to hear about topics at the forefront of astrophysical research from leaders in their field. Themes range from upcoming NASA missions to the latest detections that are shifting and sharpening astronomical research and analysis. The colloquia are designed to bring scientists together and foster discussion across disciplines, encouraging collaboration.

These events are reserved for CfA staff, however videos of colloquia are live-streamed and available later via our public archive on YouTube.


Date Speaker Title
2023-02-07 Professor Nick Stone "Tidal Disruption Events: A New Black Hole Census"
2023-02-14 Sarah Rugheimer Detecting biosignatures through rocky planet evolution around other stars with future missions
2023-02-21 Professor Roger Romani IXPE: Our First Look Around the X-ray Polarized Sky
2023-02-28 Ramesh Narayan Hot Accretion Flows Around Black Holes
2023-03-07 Professor Ilse Cleeves Imagining Other Worlds: How Planet-Forming Disks Can Shed Light on What is Possible
2023-03-21 Meredith MacGregor How to Form a Habitable Planet
2023-03-28 Professor Erica Nelson The Emergence of Galactic Structure in the JWST Era
2023-04-04 Professor Blakesley Burkhart How Supermassive Black Holes Ignite the Intergalactic Medium: Tales from the Low Redshift Lyman-alpha Forest
2023-04-11 Dr. Fabio Pacucci TBD
2023-04-25 Dr. Tea Temim TBD

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