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CfA Colloquia

CfA Colloquia offer an opportunity for scientists, engineers, and staff to hear about topics at the forefront of astrophysical research from leaders in their field. Themes range from upcoming NASA missions to the latest detections that are shifting and sharpening astronomical research and analysis. The colloquia are designed to bring scientists together and foster discussion across disciplines, encouraging collaboration.

These events are reserved for CfA staff, however videos of colloquia are live-streamed and available later via our public archive on YouTube.


Date Speaker Title
2022-09-13 Dr. Andrea Dupree Betelgeuse: The Great Dimming and its Consequences
2022-09-20 Professor Richard Teague Towards a 6D View of Planet Formation
2022-09-27 Professor Viviana Acquaviva Galaxy evolution with machine learning: the perilous road from simulations to data
2022-10-04 Professor Alex Sushkov Using quantum science to search for dark matter
2022-10-11 Professor Lisa Kewley Next Generation Photoionization modelling for HII regions and Galaxies
2022-10-18 Professor Sarah Ballard Day and Night in the Milky Way: the Dynamics of Planets Orbiting Small Stars
2022-10-25 Professor Merav Opher The Sun’s Trajectory in the Last 10 Million years and possible terrestrial implications on Climate and Biological Evolution
2022-11-01 Professor Volker Bromm What do we know about the first stars and galaxies ?
2022-11-08 Dr. Samantha Thompson Television as an Aid to Astronomy: The rise and fall of the image tube
2022-11-15 Professor Maura McLaughlin Pulsar Timing Arrays See Red: Entering the Era of Low-Frequency Gravitational Wave Detection
2023-01-24 Mercedes Lopez-Morales TBD
2023-01-31 Jonathan McDowell A Sky Full of Satellites: The changing orbital population and the impact of megaconstellations on astronomy
2023-02-07 Professor Nick Stone TBD
2023-02-14 Sarah Rugheimer TBA
2023-02-21 Professor Roger Romani TBD
2023-03-07 Professor Ilse Cleeves TBD
2023-03-21 Meredith MacGregor TBA
2023-03-28 Professor Erica Nelson TBD
2023-04-04 Professor Blakesley Burkhart TBD
2023-04-11 Dr. Fabio Pacucci TBD
2023-04-25 Dr. Tea Temim TBD

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