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CfA Colloquia

CfA Colloquia offer an opportunity for scientists, engineers, and staff to hear about topics at the forefront of astrophysical research from leaders in their field. Themes range from upcoming NASA missions to the latest detections that are shifting and sharpening astronomical research and analysis. The colloquia are designed to bring scientists together and foster discussion across disciplines, encouraging collaboration.

Videos of colloquia are live-streamed and available later via our public archive on YouTube.

Date Speaker Title
2024-01-30 Joanna Drazkowska The Emerging Theory of Planet Formation
2024-01-31 Matthew Morgan Special Colloquium: Integrated Receiver Development
2024-02-06 Jun Ye Dalgarno Prize Lecture
2024-02-13 Susan Clark CANCELLED
2024-02-20 Jason Wang New Frontiers in Exoplanet Imaging and Pathways to Habitable Worlds
2024-02-27 Aki Roberge Towards the Habitable Worlds Observatory
2024-03-05 Danny Milisavljevic Supernovae: Laboratories of Extreme Astrophysics
2024-03-19 Dillon Brout TBA
2024-03-26 Ashley Villar TBA
2024-04-02 Rebecca Bernstein The Giant Magellan Telescope: An overview of the design, unique capabilities, and status.
2024-04-09 TBA TBA

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