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CfA Seminars

The CfA Seminars aim to provide opportunities for early-career researchers to present their work on exciting and diverse topics to the CfA community. These seminars typically feature two complementary presentations from visiting and local speakers.

Date Speaker Title
2024-02-06 Erandi Chavez Prospects of Detecting a Jet in Sagittarius A* with VLBI
2024-02-06 Alison Duck Exploring Systematic Errors in the Inferred Parameters of the Transiting Planets
2024-02-13 Chuanfei Dong Reconnection-Driven Energy Cascade in Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
2024-02-13 Alex Deich TBA
2024-02-20 Matteo Braglia Probing the Origin of the Pulsar Timing Array Gravitational Wave Background: Insights from Cosmic Microwave Background Spectral Distortions
2024-02-20 Jiayi Sun Unveiling the Infant Phase of Massive Star Cluster Formation with ALMA, HST, and JWST
2024-02-27 Sasha Plavin From radio waves to neutrinos: unraveling the multimessenger picture of blazars
2024-02-27 Nianyi Chen Bridging the Gap: Massive Black Hole Dynamics in and Beyond Cosmological Simulations
2024-03-05 Romy Rodriguez A comparison of the composition of planets in single- and multi planet systems orbiting M-dwarfs
2024-03-05 Ryan French The Search for Magnetic Reconnection Plasmoids in a Solar Flare: How can Linear Polarization help us?
2024-03-19 Annabella Meech Pursuing young exoplanet atmospheres with high-resolution spectroscopy
2024-03-19 Chuanfei Dong Reconnection-Driven Energy Cascade in Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
2024-03-26 Gabi Wenzel Interstellar PAHs in the Astrophysics Laboratory
2024-03-26 Michi Baubock Pattern Speeds and Pitch Angles of Spiral Arms in GRMHD Accretion
2024-04-02 Shreyas Vissapragada The Hottest Neptunes are "Hot Jupiters Gone Wrong"
2024-04-02 Tomás Ahumada Searching for gravitational wave optical counterparts with the Zwicky Transient Facility.
2024-04-09 Yueying Ni TBA
2024-04-09 Qi Feng Hidden or not hidden? Searching for astrophysical neutrino counterparts with VERITAS