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CfA Seminars

The CfA Seminars aim to provide opportunities for early-career researchers to present their work on exciting and diverse topics to the CfA community. These seminars typically feature two complementary presentations from visiting and local speakers.

Date Speaker Title
2023-09-12 Daniel Muthukrishna Real-Time Detection of Anomalies in Time-Domain Surveys
2023-09-12 Andrea Sacchi Searching for overlooked tidal disruption events in X-ray catalogues
2023-09-19 Giulio Fabbian Constraining cosmology with QUaia quasars and CMB lensing
2023-09-19 Emma Esparza-Borges Detecting molecules in the Atmosphere of WASP-39b Applying Cross-Correlation Techniques to JWST Data
2023-09-26 James Sullivan New Aspects of Local Primordial non-Gaussianity in Galaxy Surveys
2023-09-26 Iniyan Natarajan Instrument Modelling for next generation VLBI arrays
2023-10-03 Bin Zhuang TBD
2023-10-03 Romy Rodriguez TBD
2023-10-10 Linda Xu TBD
2023-10-10 Kevin Hardegree-Ullman TBD
2023-10-17 Wynn Jacobson-Galan TBD
2023-10-17 Javier Viaña TBD
2023-10-24 Speaker 1 TBD
2023-10-24 Speaker 2 TBD
2023-10-31 Yu-Hsuan Teng TBD
2023-10-31 Kristina Monsch TBD
2023-11-07 Jordy Davelaar TBD
2023-11-07 Speaker 2 TBD
2023-11-14 Ming-Feng Ho Bayesian Surrogate Models: from PRIYA Simulation Suite to Lyman Alpha Forest Inference
2023-11-14 Michael Calzadilla TBD