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High Energy Seminars

We encourage the local scientific community to attend HEA seminars. If you would like to attend but are not a CfA affiliate / do not have an ID card, please send a request to to arrange for building access. Please include your affiliation (or 'public' if you have no affiliation), a cell phone number, and the date of the seminar you wish to attend.

Date Speaker Title
2024-01-24 Konstantina Anastasopoulou EWOCS: The X-ray properties of the Wolf-Rayet stars in the young and very massive Galactic star cluster Westerlund 1
2024-01-24 Francesco Ubertosi Jet reorientation in central galaxies of clusters and groups: insights from VLBA and Chandra data
2024-01-31 Ehud Behar X-Ray Spectroscopic Insights Into the Microphysics of Collisionless Shocks
2024-02-07 Cosimo Bambi Towards a new generation of reflection models for precision measurements of accreting black holes
2024-02-07 Franz Bauer Exploring the large population of extragalactic Fast X-ray Transients
2024-02-14 Jessie Duncan Understanding the Hot Solar Corona via X-ray Observations with NuSTAR
2024-02-14 Emily Silich ICM-SHOX: Improved Constraints on Mergers with SZ, Hydrodynamical simulations, Optical, and X-ray
2024-02-21 Gabriel Grell Laboratory Benchmark of Ne-like Fe XVII Line Formation Channels
2024-02-21 Tyler Holland-Ashford Measuring Ejecta Mass Ratios in Kepler’s SNR to Constrain Its Origin
2024-02-28 Michael Terres Energy Transfer from Fluid to Kinetic Scales in the Solar Wind
2024-03-06 Jordy Davelaar Tell-tale electromagnetic signatures of massive black hole binaries
2024-03-06 Julia Sisk-Reynes Using high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy to unveil fundamental physics
2024-03-20 Francesco Ziparo Primordial black holes as supermassive black holes seeds
2024-03-20 Silvano Molendi Metal enrichment: the apex accretor perspective
2024-03-27 Wayne Baumgartner X-ray Optics at MSFC
2024-03-27 Michael S. Calzadilla Evolution of the AGN Feedback Cycle in Galaxy Clusters
2024-04-03 Stephen Lesage Fermi GBM Analysis of the BOAT: GRB 221009A
2024-04-03 Yi Zhang The Hot Circumgalactic Medium in the eROSITA All Sky Survey
2024-04-17 Jaya Maithil Investigating the X-ray jet emission mechanism of two radio-loud quasars at z ~ 3
2024-04-17 Jing Ye Numerical study of the turbulent fine structures and the plasma heating process via magnetic reconnection in solar eruptions
2024-04-24 Lea Feuillet A Spatially Resolved View of the Star-Formation-AGN Connection in NGC 7469
2024-05-01 Jeongbhin Seo Radio Galaxy Jets as an Origin of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
2024-05-01 Mikhail Medvedev Modeling and prospects of X-ray imaging of the outer heliosphere (and other "astrospheres")