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High Energy Seminars

Date Speaker Title
2023-01-25 Francis Halzen IceCube: High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos and their First Sources
2023-01-25 Sam Badman Tracking a beam of electrons from the low solar corona into interplanetary space with the Low Frequency Array, Parker Solar Probe and 1 au spacecraft
2023-02-01 Xiurui Zhao Active Galactic Nuclei in the NuSTAR Era
2023-02-01 Jillian Rastinejad Exciting Insights on NS Merger Counterpart Diversity from Observations of GRBs
2023-02-08 Katharine Reeves ECCCO: The EUV CME and Coronal Connectivity Observatory
2023-02-15 Guido Risaliti Building a new standard candle with high-redshift quasars
2023-02-15 Navin Sridhar Persistent high energy neutrino counterparts from sources of Fast Radio Bursts
2023-02-22 Randall Smith Arcus: exploring the formation and evolution of clusters, galaxies, and stars
2023-02-27 Ryan Pfeifle Seeking Out Elusive Giants: Multiwavelength Searches for Dual AGNs in the Local Universe
2023-02-27 Irina Zhuravleva Physics of Intracluster Medium in the New Era of High-resolution X-ray Spectroscopy
2023-03-08 Giulia Migliori Particle acceleration and radiative processes in hotspots of radio galaxies
2023-03-08 Cori Fletcher The Moon Burst Energetics All-sky Monitor (MoonBEAM)
2023-03-22 Paolo Lipari Electron and Positron astrophysical accelerators
2023-03-22 Christopher Moore The Swift Solar Activity X-ray Imager (SSAXI-Rocket) for the Hi-C Flare Rocket
2023-04-05 Mehr Un Nisa The Puzzling Sun in Very-High-Energy Gamma rays
2023-04-05 Alexandra Veledina The puzzling microquasar Cyg X-3 observed in polarized X-ray light
2023-04-12 Ayş​egül Tümer Capturing The Highest X-ray Energy Photons: NuSTAR view of Galaxy Cluster Mergers
2023-04-12 Genevieve Schroeder The Hunt for Magnetar Remnants: Searching for the Elusive Radio Signal from Binary Neutron Star Mergers
2023-04-19 Yuanyuan Su New discoveries on the thermal and chemical properties of the intracluster medium
2023-04-19 Kaya Mori The Zoo of Compact Objects and X-ray Binaries in the Center of the Milky Way
2023-04-26 Thomas Tauris Ultra-stripped supernovae (and their evolutionary context)
2023-04-26 Nhut Truong Probing the effects of SMBH feedback on the CGM with the Line Emission Mapper Mission
2023-05-03 Ann Hornschemeier The Proposed STAR-X Mission: Studying the Fast, Furious and Forming Universe in the X-ray and UV
2023-05-10 Nuria Torres-Alba X-raying the Torus: A multi-epoch study of obscuration in nearby AGN
2023-05-10 Athanasios Papaioannou The Sun-as-a-Star analogue: Implications of Empirical Solar Energetic Particle Scaling Relations
2023-05-17 Southampton Student Presentations
2023-05-24 Yerong Xu *Special seminar* Yerong Xu
2023-06-14 Yen-Ting Li *Special seminar* Yen-Ting Li
2023-06-14 Dominika Krol *Special seminar* Dominika Krol