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Information for Seminar Speakers

Travel & Accommodation:

You are responsible for arranging your own travel and accommodation. Please book your accommodations as soon as possible, as hotels are in relatively short supply in the Cambridge area, especially during major events such as move-in week, commencement, etc.

Hotels and B&Bs often used by visitors include the follow. Visitors should ask for Harvard rates and also ask to compare with non-Harvard rates. Many visitors have also reported success in using airbnb.

  • Sheraton Commander: 866-500-0293
  • Hotel Tria: 617-491-8000
  • Mary Prentiss: 617-661-2929
  • Bettina: 617-497-9166


Talks are normally held in Phillips Auditorium (Building D) at the Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA USA. The Maps and Directions to the CfA page may help with your travel plans.


The small and large scale seminars begin at 12pm and end promptly at 1pm. Most seminars have a format of 2x30m talks. Please plan to speak for 20m and allow for 5m of questions.

Local Host:

You will be assigned a local host who will help you find your way around the CfA, arrange to take you to lunch, assist with audio/visual needs, and introduce you at the talk. The Instructions for Local Hosts has details on the local host's duties.


If your invitation to speak included an acknowledgement of funds to partially reimburse the cost of your visit, please fill out the following reimbursement forms:

For US Citizens:

W-9 FORM: Provide this form to US Citizen to collect the necessary information to complete the Vendor Set-Up Request.

For non-US Citizens:

FOREIGN INDIVIDUAL VENDOR REQUEST FORM: Provide this form to the foreign individual to collect the necessary information to complete the Vendor Set-Up Request.
(After your information is entered into Harvard's payment system, you will receive an email from with the subject line "Payments from Harvard University." The email will contain login information to GLACIER, an online tax compliance program. You will need to login, complete the program (check "No Income - I DO NOT currently receive payments from Harvard University"), and return the completed forms along with copies of your visa documents to harvard in order to receive reimbursement payments. You may mail or fax the forms, (use of e-mail/electronic pdf's are not recommended with sensitive information.)


NON-EMPLOYEE REIMBURSEMENT FORM: To be filled out by guest speaker for reimbursement.

EXAMPLE of NERF: Filled out example of the Non-Employee Reimbursement form

MISSING RECEIPT AFFIDAVIT FORM: Request a reimbursement when no receipt ($75.00 and above) is available.

Sign and return to Elizabeth Doyle in the HCO Business Office (B-115A) If she is not available, you may leave your forms in the bin on her counter. If you have any questions concerning your reimbursement, you may contact Elizabeth Doyle at 617-495-9059 or


1. When the email on the FOREIGN INDIVIDUAL VENDOR REQUEST FORM is illegible.
2. A US address may not be used as the Permanent Address Country for a Non-US Citizen, the permanent address must contain non-US address information.
3. When the W-9 Form is not signed.
4. When the NON-EMPLOYEE REIMBURSEMENT FORM is not signed. An original signature is a must and/or a faxed copy of the form. (Fax number 617-496-8018, Elizabeth Doyle). Electronic signatures are acceptable, though faxes with signatures are still also acceptable.  
5. When valid receipts ($75.00 or above) are not submitted. A valid receipt consists of the following:
a. Proof of transaction, e.g.,: a credit card transaction is visible (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-1234), and a zero dollar balance