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ITC Colloquia

At the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian, the Institute for Theory and Computation presents hour long lectures and shorter presentations to share results and developments with other scientists.

Date Speaker Title
2022-09-08 Carolyn Raithel ITC Colloquium -- Carolyn Raithel (IAS)
2022-09-15 Enrico Garaldi ITC Colloquium -- Enrico Garaldi (MPA)
2022-09-22 Yueying Ni (1st), Jake Bennett (2nd) and Carol Cuesta-Lazaro (3rd) ITC Colloquium - Yueying Ni, Jake Bennett and Carol Cuesta-Lazaro
2022-09-29 Lia Medeiros ITC Colloquium -- Lia Medeiros (IAS)
2022-10-06 Daniel Holz ITC Colloquium -- Daniel Holz (Chicago)
2022-10-13 Wladimir Lyra ITC Colloquium -- Wladimir Lyra (NMSU)
2022-10-20 Sultan Hassan ITC Colloquium -- Sultan Hassan (Princeton)
2022-10-27 Meridith Joyce ITC Colloquium in Pratt - Meridith Joyce (CSFK Konkoly Observatory)
2022-11-03 Lam Hui ITC Colloquium -- Lam Hui (Columbia)
2022-11-10 Sarah Millholland ITC Colloquium -- Sarah Millholland (MIT)
2022-11-17 Stella Offner ITC Colloquium -- Stella Offner (Austin)
2022-12-01 Sean Ressler (UCSB) ITC Colloquium -- Sean Ressler (UCSB)

ITC Colloquia are held on Thursdays,  11:00-12:00 PM on Zoom.


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