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Visiting Scientists

The information below is for use by professional astronomers and researchers only. Public information on FLWO is available here

Visiting scientists at Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory have access to a wide array of telescopes and instrumentation, including the 6.5 meter MMT Observatory, the Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS) gamma-ray observatory, telescope arrays designed to find Earth-like exoplanets, and a number of other telescopes used for a wide range of astronomical observations.


Proposals and Allocation of Telescope Time at FLWO


To apply for time on CfA-managed telescopes, CfA must be your primary affiliation and you must be a resident at a CfA partner facility. Incoming postdocs may also apply. For instructions on submitting proposals, to review deadlines, and to submit your proposal, please refer to the Time Allocation Committee site.


Telescope Schedules (internal access only)


To review schedules for upcoming observers on the 1.5-m, 1.2-m, and MMT please visit the internal telescope schedules site.


Logistics of Visiting FLWO


Before embarking on your journey to the Santa Rita Mountains, you must review all policy information, and schedule your transportation and lodging. Instructions on all logistics of observing at FLWO are located on the SAO Arizona visitors page here.


FLWO Safety Guidelines


FLWO is located at the base of Mt. Hopkins in the Santa Rita Mountains and is ~40 miles from Tucson. This location provides dark skies, amazing views, and specialized safety requirements for dealing with inclement weather, fire, wild animals, injuries, and more. All visiting and permanent professionals at FLWO must familiarize themselves with the site’s safety guidelines and policies.

FLWO Contacts (internal access)

To find a specific FLWO employee, please access the FLWO Contact Directory.