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"Because of my internship at the SAO, I was able to meet and talk to plenty of professional Astrophysicist and Astronomers. My research advisor, Dr. Rudy Montez, helped me develop the skills needed to do research at the graduate level. All of the scientists I met inspired me to apply for graduate school." - Fernando Mazzoni


Elias Aguirre Contreras, LSAMP Intern at UMass Lowell Printed Electronics Research Collaborative, and Undergraduate Student in Mechanical Engineering, UMASS Lowell Erin Donovan, Undergraduate Student in Physics, UMASS Lowell

Carleano Libretto, Undergraduate Student in Informatics with a minor in Economics, UMASS Amherst

Alexander MacLeod, Undergraduate Student in Chemical Engineering with minors in Management and Mathematics, UMASS Lowell

Emmanuel Sekyi, Undergraduate in Biomedical/Medical Engineering at Francis College of Engineering, UMASS Lowell

Frances Skinner, Physical Scientist, Atomic and Molecular Physics Division, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory


Nassika Dabel, GHC 2020, Software Engineer Intern at Fidelity Investments, RTC Fellow,UMASS Lowell

Edwin Dely, Undergraduate Student in Civil Engineering, UMass Lowell, Chair and Treasurer, National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) at UMASS Lowell

Malcom Gyagenda, Engineering Management Post Graduate student at the University Of Massachusetts Lowell

Dalton Grady, Undergraduate Student in Computer Science, UMASS Lowell and REBLS Leadership Academy Fellow, UMASS Amherst

Alexander MacLeod, Undergraduate Student in Chemical Engineering with Minors in Management and Mathematics, UMASS Lowell


Fernando Mazzoni, Graduate Student, Department of Physics & Applied Physics at UMASS Lowell. He is currently doing research with Professor Zwanikken studying Active Matter by applying a stochastic simulation algorithm to self-propelled squares.

Christina Michel, Manufacturing Associate, Moderna, Boston

Shanelle Samuels, Process Development Associate, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Marie Terrell, IT Specialist - Configuration Manager for the Chandra Data Systems group at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO). Her work consists of building, debugging, testing, and deploying CIAO, a software package developed by the Chandra X-Ray Center. She also works to simplify and modernize the system.


Oscar De La Rosa, GEM Fellow, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Arielle Joasil, Research Assistant, Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications

Sarah Miller, Literacy Director for the City of Lowell, Massachusetts

Jasmine Oliveira, Full-Stack Engineer Engineer at a new startup called Jellyfish, Inc. She works on a tool that analyzes resource allocation and performance for tech executives. Her work varies a lot but she is primarily coding and designing creative technical solutions for interesting problems.


Nicholas Baeza Hochmuth, Salesforce Developer at 7Summits, an IBM Company

Lorenzo Barrett, Intelligence Operations Developer for IBM X-Force IRIS

Forest Mathieu, PhD Candidate, Department of Physics, Brown University

Victoria Souza, Lead Technician, Alternative Care, Taunton, Massachusetts