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Job Title:
Maintenance Worker, WG -4749, Grade 08; $24.51 - $28.59 per hour
Type of Position:
Permanent - Career/Career-Conditional ( 2 vacancies )
Job Location:
Amado, Arizona
Posting Opening Date:
Posting Closing Date:

Area of Consideration: This position is open to all U.S. Citizens or U.S. Nationals. Federal employees with permanent status or individuals eligible for special appointing authorities may also apply to Job Announcement 21-68

Summary: The Maintenance Worker will perform a variety of duties involved in the maintenance of the office complexes, laboratories, machine and automotive shops, dormitories, telescope buildings, and other ancillary structures at FLWO that are in 24 hour, 365 day/year operation; and the infrastructure associated with a remote site location including the mountain road and water storage systems.


Performs a variety of duties in support of scientific projects and facilities and maintenance of the Observatory’s buildings, infrastructure, grounds, and mountain road, including the following:

• Painting: Performs spray or brush painting of walls, ceilings, exterior of buildings, doors, window frames, siding, and trim. Masks surfaces preparatory to painting. Applies specialized coatings to roofs.

• Carpentry: Performs rough or simple type carpentry in the repair and maintenance of buildings and related furnishings or structures. Duties may include framing, box construction, and concrete forms, making minor repairs such as replacing broken boards, nailing down loose wall siding, and caulking doors and window sills.

• Welding: Welds parts used to repair such things as telescope structures, railings, or heavy equipment. Depending upon proficiency, may assist other staff members who are highly specialized welders.

• Plumbing: Perform a variety of maintenance and repairs to the facility’s plumbing fixtures. Repair faucets, drains and toilets. Maintains waterless urinals. Utilizes specialized plumbing equipment to clean out sink/shower drains and pipes.

• Roofing: Performs maintenance tasks such as patching leaky roofs and repairing flashing, masonry and concrete.

2. Works cooperatively with scientific and other support staff on a variety of modifications and repairs to telescope facilities. This may include such tasks as repairing seams of a telescope, the telescope dome or its rotation motor assembly Assists Ridge Telescopes’ staff with changing telescope instruments.

3. Operates heavy equipment such as forklifts, man lifts, front-end loaders, backhoes, cranes, etc. in open areas and on level, hilly and/or mountainous terrain to move earth, rocks, sand, stumps and other equipment. Operates snow plows and sanders in winter weather, transports optical and scientific equipment, and transports liquid nitrogen Dewars required for telescope instruments’ operation.

4. Performs a variety of routine tasks such as delivery and pick-up of light and heavy objects at the Administrative Complex and mountain facilities, fueling all types of vehicles and heavy equipment on the mountain, and performing minor servicing of all types of vehicles and heavy equipment. Serves as an alternate driver for Tucson pick up of goods.

5. Assists with cleaning debris and rocks from culverts (150) in the mountain road in cooperation with co-workers. Removal of fallen rocks is frequently required subsequent to rain storms and high winds.

6. Drives a 30-passenger bus on the mountain road during the months that public tours of the telescope facilities are offered.

7. Participates in maintenance of grounds as required, including tree trimming, weeding, and grass cutting on the mountain road or at the administrative complex.


Applicants must have a valid driver's license with at least a Class B CDL endorsement. In accordance with the Smithsonian Institution's Drug and Alcohol Testing and Medical Examinations for Commercial Drivers Program, tentative selectees must pass a drug test AND physical examination in order to be offered an appointment.

A CDL endorsement for bus driving and HAZMAT is not required at the time of appointment, but will be mandatory within the first year of employment. 

Annual physical examinations are required to maintain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) and to be certified for using a respiratory for a limited number of tasks. 

An annual respirator fit testing and training is required.

Heavy physical effort will be required in constantly reaching, bending, turning and moving hands, arms, feet, and legs to handle different sets of controls to operate tools, equipment, and vehicles. Due to the nature of some duties, the incumbent is required to work in awkward positions, on ladders and scaffolds, and will handle objects weighing up to 50 pounds.

Working Conditions: Duties at the Ridge telescopes and on other areas of the mountain are recurring.  The environment can be extreme, and range from dry heat to bitter cold.  Travel to the Ridge or higher over a mountain road an be hazardous, and involve exposure to snow and rain, lightning, and flash floods.


Your overall experience and training must indicate that you have the minimum knowledge, skills, abilities needed to perform the duties of this position. There is no substitution of education for experience for this position. Qualification requirements must be met by the closing date of the announcement. Additional information on the Job Qualification System for Trades and Labor Occupations can be found on OPM's web site at

APPLICATION PROCEDURE We will only accept applications on line for this position.  For complete information about this position and the online application procedures, please visit USAJOBS

The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in our workplace

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