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Job Title:
Maintenance Mechanic Supervisor, GS-4749, Grade7; $32.78 -$38.23 hourly
Type of Position:
Federal- Career/CareerConditional
Job Location:
Amado, Arizona
Posting Opening Date:
Posting Closing Date:

AREA OF CONSIDERATION:   This Merit Promotion position is open to Current Federal Employees and Former Federal Employees with permanent status or reinstatement eligibility. Individuals who are eligible for a special appointing authority may also apply such as Individuals with Disabilities (Schedule A), former Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and Vista volunteers; certain Military Spouses, or individuals eligible under various programs for Veterans (VRA, VEOA, 30% disabled).



The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for the maintenance of office complexes, laboratories, machine and automotive shops, dormitories, telescope buildings, and other ancillary structures at FLWO that are a 24 hour, 365 day/year operation; and the infrastructure associated with a remote site location including the mountain road and water storage systems. The incumbent will be a working supervisor who will also perform the duties of a maintenance mechanic for these facilities.


  1. Supervises Wage Grade maintenance staff:
  • Planning--Plans daily, weekly, and monthly work schedules and sequence of operations for assigned positions. Establishes deadlines and priorities on the basis of general work schedules, methods and policies established by the FLWO Site Director, availability of resources such as equipment, materials, and tools, and best practices in preventative maintenance. Determines equipment, supplies, and maintenance routines required. Assures that material is ordered and delivered to work sites so as not to delay work.  Redirects resources to overcome problems such as equipment failure, material delays, unplanned absences, or unexpected high priority work. Adjusts plans, assignments, and methods as necessary to accomplish the work safely, effectively, and economically.  Coordinates work with scientific and technical staff of the telescopes to prevent schedule and resources conflicts.
  • Work Direction--Assigns work to individuals and provides technical direction and help on difficult work processes. Observes work in progress to anticipate and resolve problems, reassigns personnel within group supervised, and coordinates work among workers to maintain progress to meet schedules. Creates a culture of safety for staff by ensuring and all Smithsonian safety policies and procedures are understood, implemented, and observed.  Inspects completed work for quality and meeting work order requirements. Reports potential or actual work delays to the supervisor.
  • Administration--Supports and explains management programs to subordinates. Sets performance standards and completes formal performance ratings. Advises and counsels workers on improving their performance and explains new work techniques. Investigates grievances and complaints and resolves them informally when appropriate. Notifies supervisor of serious or unresolvable issues and initiates proposals for formal disciplinary action as needed.   Identifies training needs and arranges training. Supports recruitment to fill vacancies. Schedules and approves leave.
  1. Personally performs trades work to maintain and repair interior and exterior facilities both on the mountain and at the base camp including plumbing, painting, and electrical, welding and roofing. Coordinates deliveries and shipments to and from the mountain and the removal of trash and debris.  Maintains building maintenance database and operates mountain water system.
  2. Operates heavy equipment such as graders, loaders, and snow plows to keep the mountain road open to traffic. Performs minor vehicle maintenance.   Leads the snow plow crew.
  3. Provides assistance to scientific projects and supports visiting scientific staff as needed.



Your overall experience and training must indicate that you have the minimum knowledge, skills, abilities needed to perform the duties of this position. There is no substitution of education for experience for this position. Qualification requirements must be met by the closing date of the announcement. Additional information on the Job Qualification System for Trades and Labor Occupations can be found on OPM's web site at


Application Procedures:  We are only accepting online applications for this position. To apply please visit USAJOBS


The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in our workplace.

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