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Andrew Saydjari

Center for Astrophysics


Andrew, originally from Wisconsin Rapids WI, received his B.Sc. in Mathematics and B.Sc./M.Sc. in Chemistry from Yale in 2018 with a thesis on “Optimizing the Nickel-Catalyzed Carboxylation of Aryl Halides.” He is now a graduate student at Harvard in the Physics department working with Doug Finkbeiner on developing and applying astrostatistical methods to understand the interstellar medium. His Ph.D. thesis will focus on constraining the spatial and chemical variation of interstellar dust using interpretable statistics and large photometric and spectroscopic surveys. He is a strong advocate for open code, data, and science and views these as inextricable from his passion for teaching.

B.Sc. in Mathematics, Yale

B.Sc./M.Sc. in Chemistry, Yale