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Iouli Gordon

Center for Astrophysics
Physicist, Division Chair


I am the director of the HITRAN spectroscopic database project, and the majority of my research work concentrates on the maintenance and further development of this database. HITRAN and its sister database HITEMP are widely used in atmospheric and astrophysical applications, medicine, engineering, and many other fields. My research interests include a) laboratory and theoretical molecular spectroscopy of atmospheric and astrophysical interest; b) use of available spectroscopic information to construct databases that aid research in diverse areas of science and industry; c) development of the tools for validating the spectroscopic data and enhancing its accessibility. I also am an active advocate of open scientific data and open-source codes

University of Waterloo, Physics, PhD, 2005; University of Toronto, Physics, MSc, 2000; Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Engineering Physics, Diploma, 1999