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Jonathan McDowell

Center for Astrophysics
Astrophysicist; CXC Science Data Systems Group Lead


Dr. Jonathan McDowell studies black holes, quasars and X-ray sources ingalaxies, as well as supporting development of data analysis software for the X-ray astronomy community. Dr. McDowell has a B.A in Mathematics (1981) and a Ph.D in Astrophysics (1987) from the University of Cambridge, England. After postdocs at Jodrell Bank, CfA and NASA-MSFC, he came back to CfA to work on the Einstein archive and then joined the Chandra team. He currently leads the group which plans and tests the science analysis software for the Chandra space telescope. Scientific publications include studies of cosmology, black holes, merging galaxies, quasars, and asteroids. He is also the editor of Jonathan's Space Report, a free internet newsletter founded in 1989 which provides technical details of satellite launches

PhD 1987, Cambridge