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Mark Witinski

Center for Astrophysics
Program Manager


Mark Witinski is the Program Manager for Giant Magellan Telescope Instruments at SAO. He is working with the Instrument PIs and SAO Engineering to develop two first-light science instruments and the adaptive optics platform for the GMT. Witinski earned his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at Cornell followed by a Postdoc at Harvard in the atmospheric research group of Prof. Jim Anderson. There, he developed and deployed optical instrumentation for trace gas observations aboard Stratospheric aircraft. He is a Fulbright Scholar whose other research interests include lasers and optics, spectral imaging, chemical detection and sensors. Most recently, he was a Program Manager and Principal Technical Staff at Draper in Cambridge. He lives in Cambridge where he enjoys fiction, road trips, word puzzles, live music and fixing watches.

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry