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Ryan Chaves

Center for Astrophysics
Systems Engineer and Software Architect


Ryan is a Systems Engineer and Software Architect in the CfA Central Engineering's Software group. He joined CfA in September 2021. He previously led systems engineering and software development efforts for medical devices at Cambridge Consultants, a product development consultancy. Prior to that, Ryan was a software engineer and lead at Bose Corporation working on various automotive and consumer electronics products including Bose's first Bluetooth headset. Ryan is currently providing systems engineering and software support for: 1) ngEHT - seeks to expand the capabilities of the Event Horizon Telescope, an Earth-sized virtual telescope array that produced the first image of a black hole in April of 2019 and 2) CORSAIR - a balloon-borne IR coronagraph and spectropolarimeter for magnetic field measurements of the solar corona He is also contributing to efforts to establish consistency in the tools, methods, and processes used in the execution of projects. Ryan is a runner and videogame enthusiast. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife, cat, and dog.

B.S. Computer Engineering - Georgia Tech, M.S. Electrical Engineering - Northeastern