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SAO Business Operation Services

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) Business Operations Services assists members of the SAO community with all of their travel and special events needs.

In light of the current travel climate, with many restrictions and risks essentially halting business travel since March and continuing for at least several more months, we have made the difficult decision to suspend SAO Travel operations as a full-service travel office. If any essential business travel is approved in accordance with the Smithsonian Guidelines and Processes for Smithsonian Official Travel Phases 1 & 2, support from either reassigned SAO Travel staff or SI (central) Travel Office will be available to assist you with your travel needs. When we approach a time that business travel is likely to resume at any significant level, details about how business travel will be managed at SAO (including changes, if any) will be communicated to all SAO staff.

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