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Science Education Department

The Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian Science Education Department (SED) is a national leader in the study of science learning, and in the research and development of evidence-based STEM learning experiences for adults and youth in both formal and informal settings.

SED staff includes education researchers, scientists, teachers, and graduate students who collaborate to identify and address the needs of science teachers and students in elementary, secondary, and college science, with an emphasis on grades K-12.

SED pursues the design and development, research and evaluation of major collaborative science education initiatives. These include exhibition development projects, innovative learning technologies, classroom curricula, out-of-school-time learning programs, and professional development initiatives.

The department also pursues fundamental education research to study the factors that predict STEM persistence, career interest, and achievement by both pre-college students and those in introductory college STEM courses, including MOOCs.

SED research and materials are widely available through multiple media platforms, and our staff is available through teleconference, workshops and teacher conferences. Through its efforts, the SED aims to advance the public's understanding of astronomy and the physical sciences.